Project Plan Word Document

A project plan word document is a formally drafted document which is used to record the details of a project plan of a company or an organisation on a written sheet. These documents are drafted in MS Word and are effective in putting the minute points of a project plan in one place so that it can be for real and referred to by the project manager or other employees working on the particular project. Such documents are of great use for future reference purpose as well and can be handed over as case study sheets to new employees or trainees. Given below is a sample of one such project plan word document.

Sample Project Plan Word Document:

Name of organisation: Darwin and Johnson Corp

Location: 4/K, P tower, LA

Name of project:  The Lon Angeles State sales project

Purpose of project: expanding business range and domain

Name of head project manager: Mr. Timmy Dawson

Name of junior project manager: Mr. Billy James

Name of sales marketing manager: Mr. Dean Jones

Name of other project team members: Raymond Potter, Parker Greg, Sarah Jabs, Vanessa Martin, Freddy Fredson, Mark Cole

Type of project: Sales project

Project plan significant points:

  • The project is aimed at reaching maximum numbers of home electronic consumers within 12 months time and reaching the desired sales figure in this span.
  • The plan involves marketing of the products through digital media such as internet marketing, TV ads and print media advertising such as through newspapers and magazines.
  • The company is launching a new TV commercial which is expected to speed up the marketing process.
  • The project plan is mainly designed for the targeted Los Angeles population but would be expanded to other areas of USA as well.

Signature of head project manager:

Timmy Dawson

Signature of MD:

Nathan Marks

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