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A project design document is basically the one wherein all technical and financial details of a certain project and other related designing aspects of it is highlighted. Such a document helps to discuss a project from all viewpoints effectively. Hence, the document should give a clear picture of the design of the actual project along with its expected flaws.

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Sample Project Design Document:

Project Design Document

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Name of project: Construction and development of high school for deprived students.

Design of project conceptualized by: Mr. John Freeman

Director of Vision Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Project design commissioned by: Geneva Group of Companies

Suggested name of school: Vision High School

Date of commencement of project: 8th March, 2011

Date of completion, tentatively: 15th April, 2012

Brief overview of the project design:

  • The school will be built on a land of 7800 square feet area.
  • The area will contain not only the building but also a big playground and a common room for indoor games as well. An auditorium will also be there, to serve the purpose of everyday gathering and also put up various school functions.
  • The academic level of the school will be the most important factor under consideration and hence experienced and talented faculty members will be employed, in as much as demanded by a proper student-teacher ratio.
  • Extra-curricular activities will also be an equally significant part of the school and its proceedings.
  • We will not compromise with the level of education just because they are poor children; rather will incorporate new technologies as well to make studies interesting as well as informative.
  • Discipline, respect, punctuality, realization of own worth and self-confidence, leadership and sporting spirit, etc. will be instilled in the children from a young age to help them transform into responsible citizens of the future.

Team of designers: Mitchelle Jane, Harry Jones, Jennifer Agnes

Estimated cost: $672500

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