Project Agreement Document

A project agreement document is one which highlights the agreement and understanding between two enterprises or organizations regarding a certain project. It must be legally validated so that if there arises any misunderstanding or conflict, this document can be used to verify matters. A project agreement document must also be very clear and precise and address all the important issues of the project agreement.

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Sample Project Agreement Document:

Project Agreement Document

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The following is a project agreement document which attests to the mutual understanding between Synergy Enterprises [henceforth referred to as company A] and Carbon Tracer Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as company B] regarding their mutual undertaking of setting up a dam on the East Tiber River flowing through the eastern side of the state of New Mexico.

It involves the cooperation and sharing of infrastructural expertise as well as technological knowhow by both these companies.

The total amount of capital both companies shall invest in the Tiber Dam Project is to be around 5 billion USD. All requisite permits have been obtained from the civil and federal agencies concerned. The profits from the electricity, wind, and solar energy derived from this project shall be shared on an equal basis by both investors. [Please check document attached along with this agreement for more details on exact scheme, profit sharing table and facsimiles of all necessary permits].

The terms and conditions of this project are to be adhered to by both parties. Any dispute regarding this shall be tried by the Court of New Mexico.

Signature of representative from company A: ______________________________

Signature of representative from company B: ______________________________

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