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A program design document is generally prepared to provide a detailed outline of a certain program that is to be planned and conducted by some particular organization or institute. The primary objective of such a document is to convey the designing idea of the program to the concern authority and help them to understand the various aspects related to it in order to ensure its proper execution.

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Sample Program Design Document:

Program Design Document

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Title of program design document: Planning software for banking application

Idea of program design given by: Mr. Ron Gerry

Head of Technology Department

U.S Private Bank

Address of U.S Private Bank: 88/P, State Building, New Jersey

Contact details: 00 1 – 301 – 27817273

00 1 – 301 – 28367129

Email id:

Document supervised by: Mr. Irwing Paes, CEO

U.S Private Bank

Program design commissioned by: Dream Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Address: 26, Park Avenue, New Jersey

Contact number: 00 1 – 301 – 73826193

Website address:

Date of commencement of program: 7th May, 2011

Tentative date of completion of program: 15th May, 2012

Estimated costs: $7265300

Core team of program designer and analysts: Mark Joseph, Anthony Steve, Richard Peterson, and Fred Thomas

Basic introduction and general overlook of the program:

  • The program is being designed for the sole purpose of making banking calculations and several other proceedings of this sector easier by the use of new and improved technologies.
  • The program is to include a software that will help identify all debit and credit amounts and thus carry out all mathematical operations smoothly, with the only requirement of storing sufficient meaningful data for the proper interpretation of the bank transactions.
  • The program will be designed in a way that it will be effective enough to detect any sort of monetary or material discrepancy with or within the bank properties.


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