Product Specification Document

A product specification document is like a blueprint which is used to explain what the client needs from a product or system so that the programmers know what they are supposed to design at a particular point of time. The document also mentions all the risks and problems related to the design of the product along with the specifications. The document is created after the company has discussions with the client about what he wants and thus the product specification document helps to put into record what the developer is supposed to do. It must state in clear technical terms the different functions and behavior of the system in order to save time and money.

Sample Product Specification Document:

Name of company: Lighthouse Corporation

Address: 6384 Woodrow Lane, California

Document prepared by: Ryan Lawson

Product designer, Lighthouse Corporation

Document prepared on: April 10, 2012

Document submitted on: April 14, 2012

Document name: Product specification document for new Bluetooth 3D products

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to lay down the specifications of the product to make the development easier and meet the client’s requirements

Other details:

  • The Bluetooth product has four mounting holes for the use of 4- 40, socket head cap screws
  • The coordinate system follows the right hand rule conversion
  • The cross axis sensitivity of the magnetic field should be 3 and non-linearity should be 0.5.
  • The absolute maximum ratings of acceleration powered is 2000 max and the operating temperature is -0.3 to +9

Document approved and signed by: Jack Lee

Manager, Lighthouse Corporation

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