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The very name of a product design document clearly states that it is to contain particulars of the design of a certain product, which is to be developed by the particular product manufacturing firm in due course of time. The development, processing, implementation details as well as uses of the product are to be clearly mentioned in the document, so as to benefit all parties who may be linked to the product, directly or indirectly.

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Sample Product Design Document:

Product Design Document

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Name of the designed product: Sweet and Fair Lotion for Women

Product design concept given and implemented by: Herbal Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd

Product design commissioned by: Miss Kelly Zorabian, CEO

Femina Group of Companies

Date of commencement of product design: 9th June, 2011

Tentative date of completion of product design: 12th December, 2011

Estimated date for launch of product: 25th December, 2011

Details of product design:

  • The base of the product will be herbal, like all other products that have been a success in the market under our brand name.
  • This product is to be designed to contain vitamins and minerals, which have dermatological importance and can be safely applied as well.
  • The product will also serve as an effective sunscreen lotion by containing SPF and vitamins that help block UV rays and thus provide protection from the harmful radiations of the sun.
  • It has been replete with elements that suit the texture of feminine skin without causing any harmful side effects.
  • The chemicals that have been used for designing the product, although in small quantities, have all been tested and approved by dermatology experts.

Estimated cost: $875

Product design team comprising of: Jeremy Gonzalves, Anne Peters and Harry Thomas.

>Discipline, respect, punctuality, realization of own worth and self-confidence, leadership and sporting spirit, etc. will be instilled in the children from a young age to help them transform into responsible citizens of the future.

Team of designers: Mitchelle Jane, Harry Jones, Jennifer Agnes

Estimated cost: $672500

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