Performance Agreement Document

A performance agreement document is one which attests to a performer’s agreement with producers, directors or any other persons or organizations, and declares it to be mutual, accepting and conciliatory. It is often given legal sanction through the use of the authority of the public notary and the signatures of advocates and witnesses. Such a document should be clear on issues which are potentially contentious, and it must be written by a professional.

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Sample Performance Agreement Document:

Performance Agreement Document

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The following document is an agreement between Miss Giselle Manning [noted dancer and ballet exponent, henceforth referred to as A] and Star Studios [henceforth referred to as B] regarding the performance of A at the premises provided by B for a period of two months. This period of the performance agreement document, that is, the period of two months will include twelve performances of ballet in over ten locations, as specified by B [check attached document for a list of the places where the performer is contract bound to perform].

The performer shall be paid $300000 for each performance, and she is contract bound to perform at these locations and events. The terms and conditions must be read very carefully and understood by both A and B. In case of a dispute or contention, the matter shall be placed before the Tribunal of New York. The performance agreement document will be terminated on the 12th of July 2012. If the participants so desire, it may be extended for another two months as well. Beyond that however, a new contract will have to be drawn up.

Signature of A: __________________

Signature of representative from B: ______________________

Signature of advocate: _________________

Date: 12th June 2011

Place: New York

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