Payment Agreement Document

A payment agreement document is a planned textual form of the payments to be made by a customer on purchase of a product. It is issued by the seller-company and the customer is required to be in abidance of the format. It should be schematised in a way that payments can be made expediently and complications are not broadened.

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Sample Payment Agreement Document

Payment Agreement Document

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This payment agreement is made between the seller, Honda Car Company and buyer, Miss Litany Brocosta, whereby the latter agrees to clear the payment formalities as requested by the former on the purchase of the product, the details of which are provided below:

Name of the product: Comfort Car

Name of the manufacturer: Honda Manufacturers

Quantity: One

Model number: CC7494; Colour: Red

Address of the company outlet: 8, June House, Seattle, US

Selling price: $8, 00, 000 plus taxes

The payment schemata under the company norms are provided below:

  • The car will have to be bought for a down payment of $80, 000 in the initial instalment period.
  • The number of instalments will be distributed over a time period of 1 year during which all payments have to be done.
  • The instalment amount will be fixed on the basis of the MRP. It will be counted from the following month from the month of purchase.
  • All payments are to be made by cheque through bank interventions. Any sort of failure to foot the payments will be treated with legal actions and confiscation of the product.


Bunny Hall (Financial Advisor, Honda Car Company)

Litany Brocosta (Customer)

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