Partnership Contract Document

Partnership contract document maintains the terms and conditions that substantiate a business partnership and upholds its characteristic features by properly laying down the companies’ interest structure. Thus it must be prepared very diligently by including all the domains of a valid coalition so that the contract moves into a safe legal space instead of a flawed illegal one.

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Sample Partnership Contract Document

Partnership Contract Document

Download Free Partnership Contract Document

Partnership contract number: 574849

This partnership contract is a legal agreement representing a partnership between the following parties:

1) Jolly Good Mothers’ Care Private Limited [Organization 1]

2) Giant Advertisers and Distributors [Organization 2]

Company overview:

Organization 1 is a dealer of branded and world class merchandise for pregnant and new mothers like clothes, accessories, food, drinks, and stationeries.

Organization 2 is a top advertising company which markets quality products across the globe and is greatly preferred by international organizations for its up-to-date marketing methods.

Contract details:

  • The task of production and importing will be borne by Organization 1 and the task of marketing and promotion will be borne by Organization 2.
  • The revenues earned from the sale of the products will be shared between the parties wherein Organization 1 will be warranted to 60% of the profits and Organization 2 will be entitled to 40% of the profits.
  • The tenure of the contract, which is 5th March, 2011 to 10th December, 2011, may be shortened or expanded by any party through court processed command or instructions.
  • The partnership will be ended immediately in any case of fraudulence.

Signatures:  Ribbon Good

Bony Giant

Date: 4th January, 2011

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