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A partnership agreement document is an official agreement or contract, setting up a partnership between two or more individuals, organizations, companies or business houses. This document is legally processed and is signed by a legal advocate and the business partners. All facts presented in this document should be accurate and verified before entering into the contract.

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Sample Partnership Agreement Document:

Partnership Agreement Document..

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This partnership agreement is made on this 10th day of July, 2011, between Mr. Henry Mark of 45, Mansfield Park and Mr. John Lewis of 15, Mono Road, and will be terminated on 10th of July, 2016. During this stipulated time period, the partners enter into a mutual agreement to set up a business firm, of capital $ 1, 00,000.

It is hereby notified that during this time period, the profit of the business shall be equally divided between the two partners, and a separate income account shall be maintained for both. Each partner shall have equal right on the management of the firm and none, without the consent of the other partner can borrow or lend money or go into any other deal. However, the partnership can be terminated at any point of time, upon common consensus from both the partners and under legal guidance. In case of death of any one partner, the other partner, within a period of thirty days, shall produce legal proof of the deceased partner and can purchase his share of interest or liquidate the existing business. Any breach of contact in this regard shall be penalized.

I accept the above terms and conditions:

____________________                                                             _____________________

(Signature of partner 1)                                                                  (Signature of partner 2)

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