Partnership Agreement Document

A partnership agreement document outlines the conditions on which two companies merge for a particular business project. The document specifies the criteria of the agreement decided by the two firms and the combined performance requirements in clear terms to avoid future chaos and misunderstandings. Thus it is required to be duly supported before its final sanctification.

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Sample Partnership Agreement Document

Partnership Agreement Document

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Subject: Partnership agreement document between Spotless Detergent Company and Handy Scrub Company

Name of the participants:

1. Spotless Detergent Company (Party 1)

2. Handy Scrub Company (Party 2)

Nature of agreement: The participants have created a business tie between them to beat the vying companies in the market, which was not being otherwise possible to deal with, singlehandedly.

Agreement period: This agreement will remain active from 8th June, 2012 to 10th October, 2013. The maximum time period will thus extend for 1 year 4 months.

Task specification: The parties hereby form collusion by virtue of which Party 1 will offer the product manufactured by Party 2 as a free gift with the product manufactured by Party 1. To be specific, a Handy Scrub will be given as a free gift with every Spotless Detergent packet.

Purpose: This new venture would interest many customers and impel them to try out this new offer. It would automatically negate monotony and create awareness about the products increasing sales expectantly.

Profits: The proceeds earned by Party 1 will be shared with Party 2 by calculating the amount of free gifts dispatched.

Signature of Company Heads:

Katherine Love (Party 1)

Veronica Manhattan (Party 2)

Date: 5th June, 2012

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