Paralegal Document

Paralegal professionals are those who, by virtue of their education, work experience and training, are considered eligible to assist lawyers or individuals in performing certain legal work that demands a thorough knowledge of legal concepts. Paralegal documents, prepared by such paralegal professionals, can be produced in court as legal documents thereby saving a lot of money for clients which they would otherwise spend on attorneys for doing the same.

Although most states have now allowed paralegals to prepare court documents, it must be kept in mind that in case of discrepancies or other issues, the paralegal document preparer has no legal liability for the said problem as the court would hold the person utilizing such services responsible for such acts.

Sample Paralegal Document

Petition to file for divorce with no property or children

This is to appeal for filing a divorce suit against my husband, Jonathan Rodes and thereby terminate our three year old marriage once and for all. I, Merissa Holmes, would like to state that I intend to file for divorce against my husband on grounds of domestic violence which has made it impossible for me to continue this relationship with respect and dignity.  I am even ready to forego all my claims for marital property and would be satisfied with any amount of alimony in return for the divorce. I register my case in the hands of the Florida Law Court and demand justice as per the Divorce Act 367, A45. It is relevant here to mention that we do not have any children whatsoever and would therefore not require any custody issue to guide this case.

I solemnly pledge to follow all court proceedings to the utmost of my abilities and vouch for the truth of all the information stated in this document.

Thanking you,

Merissa Holmes.

Signature: ________________

Signature of witness: _____________

Document prepared by: James Fergusson, Paralegal Professional, Florida Paralegal Services

Signature of the document preparer: _______________

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