Outsourcing Agreement Document

An outsourcing agreement document is a legal document which enshrines the professional service details of a top class outsourcing company. It is required to delegate services and intelligences to obtain information about the goings-on of a particular sector. It is important for any corporate company and thus it must be secured with legal expertise and contractual adjustments.

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Sample Outsourcing Agreement Document

Outsourcing Agreement Document

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This outsourcing agreement is concerned between the JAS Group referred to as holder and Kent Agency referred to as subcontractor wherein the holder initiates the agreement and the subcontractor is the company being outsourced to. The former is a private contracting company and the latter is an independent catering agency. The outsourcing service rests on the informational platform created on the sale of two market products:

a. T-Series music CDs

b. Digital music CDs

The service outsourcing specifications are elaborately given below for the subcontractor:

  • It will have to maintain an invoice of the sale competition that is due to begin from January, 2012 till May, 2013.
  • It will have to keep a record of the time and reason when the market sale of the products drops.
  • It will have to identify the relatively permanent dealers and customers of the products.

The agreement is validated by the following clauses proposed by the holder that the subcontractor is required to acknowledge while being in this alliance.

  • It will have to maintain complete secrecy and not leak out information to another party.
  • It will have to give completely authentic information.


Johnny Keynes

Julia Kent

Date:  6th July, 2011

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