Operating Agreement Document

An operating agreement document is a document engendered for building up a limited liability company under the statutes of the country. It is necessary for striking up membership with any limited liability company also and thus it must be sought after legal advice and expert decision. So, it should entirely exemplify the specifications of the recital in well-written words.

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Sample Operating Agreement Document

Operating Agreement Document

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Name of the parties:

1) RNB Company

2) Kentucky Services


The two parties have entered into an agreement that they would form a limited liability company by conforming to the regulatory acts of the Limited Liability Company Act, US.

Acquiescing statements:

Name of the new company: RNB and Kentucky Company

Operational validity: It will exist for 4 years starting from 5th January, 2011 to 5th January, 2015.

Head-office: The principal operating office will be housed at Lilly Apartment, Anystate, US. The designation of this office may be changed by filing a legal warning.

Objective: It will hold the power of regulating and furthering the business of software construction completely on its own.

Asset partition: The assets of the two independent companies will be co-owned during the agreement period and the members have no ownership right on any part or whole of the properties.

Member contributions: The details of the member companies and their individual offerings are given in the attached sheet.

Distributions: As the members would be required to pay the taxes proportionate to the income of the company, the latter will have to distribute cash to each of them.

Signature: Peter Reynolds

William Watson

Date: 5th December, 2010

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