Official Notarized Document

An official notarized document is one which attests to a certain fact before a court of law. A notary is a public servant usually working as an adjunct to the state [courts of law] who is in possession of his own stamp and seal, and thus can take the role of a witness of authentication of a certain fact. A number of legal documents are dependent on the signature of a notary and such a document becomes an official notarized document.

These documents are critical and crucial, and must contain information or facts that are completely accurate and verified. The official notarized document attests to this very authenticity and hence, it must be carefully written.

Sample Official Notarized Document

This is to inform all concerned that from henceforth, I, Jason Alva, of 45 Mapleton Avenue New York, aged 23 years, will be known as Jason Alvarez. This change in my name has been made by submitting an affidavit to the court of New York on the 23rd of June 2012. The decision was announced on the 30th of June 2012 and a circulation printed in all the leading dailies as per court rules and regulations.

I have carefully understood the terms and conditions of the name change process. As per court directives, I hereby am attesting to the authenticity of the legal process by submitting this notarized document to the court of New York. I also hereby proclaim that I have taken this decision according to my own free will. I have not been coerced into changing my name. I also attest that I have no criminal records and this has not prompted my decision to change my name in any way.

Signature of defendant: ____________________

Signature of witness: ________________________

Signature of notarized: _____________________

Date: ______________

Place: ______________________

[Stamp and seal of the notary]

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