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An object design document is generally framed so as to put forth the various objectives and procedure inherent to the designing of an object, for personal or professional uses such as in a company, business house or for some other organization. Such a document should be prepared in a proper and systematic manner to emphasize on every minute detail of the object that is to be designed, and to make the rules and regulations clear to all involved parties.

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Sample Object Design Document:

Object Design Document

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Name of object to be designed: Computer Emulator

Purpose of the object: To preserve data of digital nature

Conceptualization and implementation of object design by: TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 77, Lake View Road, New York

Contact number: 00 1 – 718 – 672838469

Website: www.techsolutions.com

Object design project commissioned by: Mr. James Bill,

Owner of Kingston Companies

Address: 67/4, Rupert Avenue, New York [office]

J/II, South Estate Apartments, New York [residential]

Contact details: 00 1 – 718 – 283487291 [office]

00 1 – 718 – 826482916 [residential]

www.kingstoncompanies.in [office email id]

Prominent points to be noted, regarding the object design, have been given below:

  • The very concept of a computer emulator and its proper functioning requires a suitable architecture that will include appropriate software which can clearly represent the functions and working of a certain component of the hardware.
  • The object so designed will differ from the popular and commercial ones in that it will work especially for the preservation of digital data. Hence, the technique of design should be such that it pays more stress on the flexibility as well as durability of the object rather than its performance.
  • The emulator is to contain information in several packages and this should be made clear to all, even to the layman. Diagrams, charts and tables should \be included also, if needed.
  • The application of the object is to be explained and discussed, along with the scope and area of its functioning.
  • Unique functions along with their description and uses are to be included in the document.
  • Our team of designers included Mr. Robert Geneva, Mr. Mark Peterson and Mr. Gilbert Johann.

Total cost: $45625500

Date of commencement: 17th August, 2011

Date of completion (tentative): 31st October, 2012

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