Notarized Travel Document

A notarized travel document is one which contains information about one’s travel plans and is duly attested by the authorities concerned. In this case, the person of authority is a public notary. Such travel documents are often common when children, who are minors, accompany a single parent, or an individual, who is not a parent, for long trips abroad. There are certain other cases too where notarized travel documents are the norm and travel plans can be cancelled if the required procedure is not followed.

Sample Notarized Travel Document

This document is to inform anyone concerned that I, Joseph Kellerman, of 34 German Bakery Street, New York have been entrusted by Deborah Rogers and Carl Rogers of 67/6 Belgravia Apartments, New York to accompany their ward James Rogers from New York City Airport to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi [India]. This journey shall last for a period of 12 days and the Directives of Foreign Travel enjoin the signing of a notarized public travel document as per its rules.

All information contained in this document is true and accurate to my knowledge. I am related to the ward in question through family relation, as I happen to be his uncle. This journey has been accompanied for medical purposes [see attached documents] and in the occasion of exceeding the stipulated number of days, I solemnly promise to inform the US embassy in India as well as in Washington.

I completely understand the risks associated with travelling with a minor [the ward in question is aged 10 years], and all the necessary documents have been submitted by me. I hope to have a safe and healthy journey.

Signature of guardian: ________________________

Signature of guardian 2: ________________________

Signature of petitioner: ________________________________

Signature of ward: ____________________

Signature of witness: __________________________

Name and signature of public notary: _______________________________     Stamp and Seal

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