Notarized Legal Document

A notarized legal document is one which contains an outline of the terms and conditions of a certain legal deal with the validity and authorization by a public servant, like the notary. This attests to the legitimacy of the document and is a standard procedure across courts in the country.

Sample Notarized Legal Document

This is to inform all concerned of the automobile lease deal effected between Jenna Jameson [henceforth referred to as the lessee] and our company, General Motors Pvt. Ltd. The dates of commencement and termination of the lease deal is 19th July 2012 and 18th July 2015 respectively, making the lease deal valid and effective for a period of three years. The lessee will be required to pay the monthly rental by the 7th of every month and the amount is 500 USD. She shall also be required to pay an initial security deposit of 15,000 USD which is a refundable amount and will be returned back to her once the deal is officially terminated. However, she will stand the risk of losing this deposited amount if she chooses to end the deal before the official date of termination mentioned above.

The number and model of the car to be leased by you after inspection are [NY745567] and Ford Silver respectively. It is currently priced at 10 million USD and is being leased to the lessee at an interest of 3.5% per annum compound interest. The terms and conditions of the lease deal must be carefully read and understood by both parties so that there is no confusion or ambiguity in their dealings with each other. The keys will be handed over to you on any day between 19th July and 26th July 2012.

This document has been duly signed and stamped by a notary.

Name: ________________________

On behalf of: ___________________________

Signature: __________________________

Date: _____________________

Place: ___________________

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