Notarized Document Template

A notarized document template is one which shows the layout of a notarized document. A notarized document is any document which contains the official seal and signature of a public notary and thus can be assumed to be authentic and verified. A notary’s approval is an attestation to the authenticity of a document.

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Sample Notarized Document Template

Notarized Document Template

Download Free Notarized Document Template

This notarized document in to affirm that I, [Name of lessor] [henceforth known as the lessor], have agreed in principle to lease a copier [Mention the model and price]] to _________________________ [Mention the name of the lessee] [henceforth known as the lessee] for the duration of ____________ [Duration] days. The initial amount of $ ______ [Initial down payment], to be used as a security deposit, has already been submitted by the lessee through the medium of a cheque [Number: ____________ [Cheque number]]. The remaining amount of $ ___________________ [Mention remaining remuneration] as well as the monthly rent of $____________ [Monthly rent] per day will be paid by the lessee accordingly.

The condition of the copier is perfect and any damage caused during the period of the lease shall be compensated for by the lessee himself. No arguments or concessions in this matter shall be accepted. The date of termination of the contract is _________________ [Date of ending of contract]. Before or on that day, the machine shall be handed over to the lessor and all dues shall be cleared, failing which, legal proceedings shall be initiated owing to breach of contract.

Signature of lessor: ____________________

Signature of lessee: ____________________

Signature of notary: ____________________

Stamp and seal of notary: _________________

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