Notarized Document Format

A notarized document format is one which has been stamped and signed by a public notary thus attesting to the validity or authenticity of the signatures on the document. The notary’s stamp ensures that the signatures present are authentic.  It is often a necessity to produce notarized documents in legal cases like affidavits, powers of attorney etc.

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Sample Notarized Document Format:

Notarized Document Format

Download Free Notarized Document Format

Subject: _______________________________

Date: __________________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a notarized document contains the particulars of the deponent, or in case of a legal letter, the names and addresses of both sender and recipient and the purpose of the document. A notarized document must contain as much factual detail as permissible in order to be absolutely unambiguous and clear. Since it is often used for legal reasons, the information provided must be authentic. This is the function of the notary: to ensure that the information presented is correct and verifiable.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a notarized document must move onto indicate further necessary details about the stated subject. Any terms and conditions contained must be enlisted. The necessary penalties to be incurred in case of a breach of contract must also be mentioned. In case of an oath of witness, the necessary details must be provided. The notarized document must be very factual and objective with all important facts clearly elucidated.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph should form a fitting conclusion to the notarized document. Provision must be left for the signature and seal of the public notary, thus proving that the information and signatures presented are genuine.

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