Notarised Documents

Notarised documents are those documents which are signed by a notary. A notary is a person who is assigned the right and duty to sign legal documents. Generally these people are lawyers or legal experts who are assigned this job by the state to witness signatures. Thus notarised document is any document that is signed by lawyers or other legal professionals. Basically, any document with an authenticated signature and seal from an official notary is known as the notarised document.

These documents have to be drafted very carefully and all the information contained in them must be strictly confidential because a notary takes special care of the content of any such document. The tone of the document has to be extremely formal and with proper legal terminology. Infact it is recommended that a notarised document should be framed with the help of professionals.

There are many documents that are notarised in nature. The following are a few examples:

  • Affidavits
  • Deeds
  • Power of attorneys
  • Wills
  • Trusts


Getting a document notarised is a very important thing to do because of the following reasons:

  • Some documents like power of attorneys cannot be legalised without notarisation
  • Many documents need to be notarised so as to protect them against fraud or misconduct of the other party involved.
  • A notary is someone who is an unbiased witness to the signing of legal documents.
  • Sometimes even medical documents need to be notarised in order to avoid disputes and ensure the fact that the doctors shall abide by the patient’s choices and decisions during the course of treatment.

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