Non Disclosure Agreement Document

A non disclosure agreement document is also known as a confidentiality agreement. It is effective between two companies or parties when they agree that information must not be revealed to any third party. A non disclosure agreement is a legally valid document and must be understood carefully so that its exact terms and conditions are agreed on.

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Non Disclosure Agreement Document

Non Disclosure Agreement Document

Download Free Non Disclosure Agreement Document

The following is the agreement, also known as a confidentially clause or a non disclosure agreement, between two companies, Telecom Corps. Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth known as the disclosing company] and Fergusson Software Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth known as the receiving company].

It states that the information exchanged between the disclosing company [the company that provides information] and the receiving company [the company that receives the said information] will be kept strictly confidential. Any leakage of the information, or any breach of contract which can be said to be a leakage of information relating to technologies, software, trade secrets, industrial information, statistics, graphs and the like, will be severely penalized.

The receiving party shall not in any way, reveal or divulge information provided by the disclosing party. The confidential information must b protected against threat or loss and must be treated with care. In case of a breach of contract, the disclosing party shall be notified immediately and the receiving party shall have to bear the blame, if indeed responsible.

Signature of an official representing the disclosing party: ______________________

Signature of an official representing the receiving party: _________________________

Signature of advocate:________________________________

Signature of notary and seal: ___________________________

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