Mortgage Document Template

Mortgage document template is a document showing the correct pattern of a mortgage deal. It includes the details of the mortgage and the terms on which the loan will be provided to the customer. Since it is a matter of legal concern, it must be framed and designed accurately so that it serves as a proof if the client fails to repay the loan.

You can Download the Free Mortgage Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Mortgage Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Mortgage Document Template

Mortgage Document Template

Download Free Mortgage Document Template

Agreement on mortgage of property

This agreement is made between ______________ [name of the money lender] residing at ________________ [provide the permanent address of the money lender] and ______________ [name of the borrower] of address ________________ [provide the permanent address of the borrower] on the _______________ [date] day of ____________ [month], __________ [year] upon the mutual understanding on the following.

  • Property to be mortgaged

The loan borrower agrees to give the rights of the property_______________ [mention the details of the mortgaged property] to the money lender if he fails to repay the entire loan amount along with the amounts fixed by the interest rate within the predetermined time.

  • The terms on which the money lender agreed upon issuing the loan:

__________ [Name the term 1]: ____________________ [description of term 1]

__________ [Name the term 2]: ____________________ [description of term 2]

Interest against the loan to be paid for duration of ___________ [mention the number of years for which borrower will have to pay interests against the loan]

Violation of any term by any of the involved party will be breach of law and subjected to penalty.

Signature of the money lender: ____________________

Signature of the borrower: ________________________

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