Mortgage Discharge Document

A mortgage discharge document is one which outlines the manner in which the ending of a mortgage is to be intimated to all those who are concerned. It is a legal document which has lawful validity and efficacy and therefore care should be taken to ensure that all the information contained therein is correct and verified as far as possible. Any ambiguities or errors found in the document can have legal consequences.

The mortgage discharge document must be written in the presence of a witness with the necessary terms and conditions mentioned clearly. It is an extremely critical document and closes a mortgage deal effectively. Hence it is always necessary and advisable to carry out the entire process under professional supervision.

Sample Mortgage Discharge Document

This is to inform the concerned authorities that the mortgagee, Jason Rogers, of 34 Belgravia Estate Complex, New York has honorably discharged his debt and has paid off his mortgage on the property mentioned above which was on lien with us, the mortgagers, Mess. Taylor and Co. Pvt. Ltd. The mortgage deal was effected on the 2nd of June 2012 and was to have been terminated on the 1st of June 2016, being for a period of four years. The mortgage has been honorably discharged by the mortgagee who has paid the full interest-added sum of 10 million USD before the date of termination.

All the terms and conditions of the mortgage discharge document have been understood by both parties. The original mortgage deal is hereby attached for perusal. All the information contained in both documents is true and accurate to my knowledge and care has been taken to adjudge its veracity. The mortgage discharge document has been retained by both the mortgagee and the mortgager for further use. In case of any ambivalence or doubt, the case is to be referred under the Civil Court of New York.





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