Mortgage Agreement Document

A mortgage agreement document is a security instrument through which an owner allows the lessee the right to foreclose on the leased property and this is done when the repayment terms and conditions are not met during exchange of the loan. Such a document is an official contract where the lessor replenishes the lessee with new repayment terms and conditions. The date and duration within which the lessee requires to complete the payment. The document needs to be carefully created since it is a formal and legal document and might be required for future legal purposes.

Sample Mortgage Agreement Document:

Mortgage Agreement Document

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Subject: Mortgage Agreement Document between Morgan’s Real Estate and Mr. Dominic Paul

Participants: Morgan’s Real Estate (referred to here as A) and Mr. Dominic Paul (referred to here as B)

Nature of the mortgage agreement: The document refers to the mortgage agreement between A and B where B is required to pay certain amount of monthly interest to B for the use of the residential property.

Time period for loan repayment: 5 years

Date of commencement of Agreement: 14th April, 2011

Date of termination: 15th April, 2016

Points to remember:

  • The mortgage needs to be paid monthly with the addition of the interest rate to B consistently.
  • The property will be confiscated in case of failure to make the monthly installments.

The agreement is signed by both parties and hence incase of any legal repercussions, strict actions will be taken.

Signature by A: _________________

Signature by B: _________________

Signature by mediating official: ___________________

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