Medical Reimbursement Plan Document

Medical reimbursement plan documents are issued by employers to notify their employees about the medical reimbursement plans that the company has devised for their welfare. It comprises of a declaration of the terms and conditions under which the employees may claim reimbursement, the amount up to which the medical expenses of an employee would be borne by the company and the persons whose healthcare expenses would be taken care of by the company on behalf of the employee.

Sample Medical Reimbursement Plan Document

Medical reimbursement plan document

Issued by: Barney Henderson, Medical Reimbursement Planner

Date: June 30, 2012.

Name of the company: Stinson Firms

Name of the employee: Holly Wayne

Designation: Financial accountant

Medical reimbursement plan:

  • The said employee would be entitled to apply for a medical reimbursement twice every year.
  • The employee would be sanctioned a reimbursement only up to 4500$ every year.
  • The employee can only lay claim to the amount if the medical issue concerns him or family members who are financially dependent on him.
  • The medical reimbursement can only be claimed in cases of serious health hazards and if the concerned person is hospitalized.
  • In order to claim reimbursement, the employee has to prove sufficient evidence of the truth of the situation. He, therefore, needs to produce authentic medical certificates from the concerned doctor, test reports and prescriptions.
  • The employee also needs to support his claim with sufficient proof about the amount of money that needs to be incurred to bear his medical expenses. This would require him to produce attested copies of hospital bills, receipt of doctor’s fees and receipts of payments made to pathological laboratories.
  • The employee can claim reimbursement only within three months of the admission of the patient to the hospital.
  • In case of implementation of the reimbursement policy, the decision of the administrative authorities would be final.

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