Medical Plan Document

Medical plan document is a write up demonstrating the various schemes an organization or service provider has for his benefactors as a part of their health care policy. Medical plan documents can both be issued by employers for the benefit of their employees or by medical service providers for the convenience of the patients notifying them about their medical rights and benefits.

Sample Medical Plan Document

Medical Plan Document

Name of the organization: Leffroy Firms Private Limited

Issued by: Kevin Leffroy, Chief Administrative Officer

Employee name: Katherine Hudson, Sales executive

Date of issue: June 28, 2012.

Medical plan 2012

  • The employee is offered the benefit of undergoing routine medical check-ups by the company appointed doctor once every year.
  • The employee would also be entitled to claim reimbursement for expensive medicines prescribed by a licensed doctor up to an amount of 500$ every month.
  • The employee may also reap the benefit of claiming 100% medical reimbursement once every year in case of serious illness that affects the health of the employee or those dependent on him.
  • The company has forged alliances with three of the state‚Äôs top hospitals for the benefit of its employees who can choose to undergo proper treatment in any of these hospitals in subsidized rates.
  • The employee is offered the option to enjoy medical leave twice every month to treat his medical problems. However, an extension of the leave in cases of serious illness is subject to consideration as per the merit of the case.
  • The company, however, cannot be held legally liable for the cancellation of any reimbursement claims and the discretion of the authority would be held final in these cases.
  • The employee would not be granted any reimbursement in case the medical issue sited is related to beautification or plastic surgeries.
  • The aforementioned medical plan would be in effect from the 1st of July 2012 until a counter circulation comes along scrapping the said order.

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