Medical Office Document

The medical office document keeps track of the financial activities of the hospital. Much like any commercial institution, the hospital also must keep an account of the cash flow and profit and loss of the health care facility. Constant update of this document is also essential. The document keeps tabs on the income of the doctors and the various expenses encountered during different treatment. This should keep a record of the labor used in terms of the nurses and non-medical staff, the equipments used and the supply of medications required. The medical office document should be detailed and must be produced at the end of each year.

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Sample Medical Office Document:

Medical Office Document

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Marcus Health Care Facility is registered under American Hospital Association:

Specialty: General

Medical Staff:  124 doctors and 326 nurses

Non-medical Staff: 300

Date: 3.2.2012

Expenses for the year 2011:

The following are the expenses incurred by Marcus Health Care Facility:

  • Free Medicaid Provided: $230,234
  • Public Medical Services: $450,000
  • Income of Medical Staff: $100,000
  • Income of Non-Medical Staff: $40,000

Revenue for the year 2011:

The revenue has been calculated in two parts and it must be noted that the Net Patient Service Revenue is the final revenue earned by Marcus Health Care Facility.

  • Gross Patient Service Revenue: $120,345,000
  • Net Patient Service Revenue: $89,888,100 (after adjustments with Free Care and Contractual expenditure)

Financial Status: After careful evaluation of the expenses and revenue, Marcus Health Care Facility has earned a profit of about 33.45 percent higher than the expenses incurred.

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