Medical Document Template

A medical document template is an outline of an actual medical document that can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the specification of the issue or corresponding medical condition. The template should be such a document wherein the basic structure of the document will be provided, along with enough number of spaces to be filled in with the respective details of medical significance, as required. A medical document template thus reduces the need for experts and minimizes the effort of framing a medical document.

You can Download the Free Medical Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Medical Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Medical Document Template:

Medical Document Template

Download Free Medical Document Template

Medical document for: ____________________________________ [mention the name of the person(s) for whom the report is being prepared]

Medical document prepared by: __________________________________ [mention the name of the organization, agency, or individual(s) preparing the medical document]

Date: _______________ [give the exact date on which the document was framed and/ or submitted]


  • ___________________________________ [objective no. 1]
  • ___________________________________ [objective no. 2]
  • ___________________________________ [objective no. 3]

[Mention and discuss the various objectives of the respective medical document, with special reference to the various concern and their significance to the particular document]

Nature of the medical document:

___________________________________________________________________________ [Discuss the various factors considered while framing the document and the details of the main properties of the document]

Case History:

_____________________________________________________________ [The case history or past medical records of the patient or of the group subject to medical analysis will have to be mentioned here]

Health report:

  • ________________________ [blood pressure level]
  • ________________________ [RBC count in haemoglobin]
  • ________________________ [kidney]
  • ________________________ [lungs]
  • ________________________ [heart]
  • ________________________ [eyes]
  • ________________________ [ENT report]
  • ________________________ [brain]
  • ________________________ [CNS]
  • ____________________________________________ [other medical records]

Final verdict:

________________________________________ [A conclusion is to be provided regarding the present medical state and suggestions given as required]

Contact details:

__________________________ [telephone]

__________________________ [fax]

[Provide details for contacting at times of emergency]

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