Marketing Strategy Document

A marketing strategy document is one which ordains the marketing plans and approaches of a business company. It distinguishes the strategic methods and deliberations employed in the marketing process of a product. Thus the document is designed plausibly so that the associated elements like goals and strengths are revealed and the marketing agenda is accomplished in line with that.

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Sample Marketing Strategy Document

Marketing Strategy Document

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Name of business organization: Bare Feet Scuba

Address: 80, North Hill Road, US

Nature of business: Tours and travel

Document prepared by: Julius Park, Company Marketing Executive

Strength: We use our knowledge about underwater life and our collaboration with trained and professional scuba divers to our advantage.

Weakness: The emergence of new water sports like cliff-diving and free-diving has partly affected our business which may take the shape of a serious threat later on.

Customer specifics

Description: Our customer group is constituted of young US men and women between 20 to 30 years age in quest of serious adventure.

Requirement: More number of customers is opting for customized travel packages to suit their work schedule and other tour plans.

Marketing Strategies:

1.  We intend to bring more number of recognized and successfully running hotels and tour guides in confidence as a marketing gesture.

2. Re-designing of our brochures and pamphlets has proved to be a significant point in our marketing curriculum.

3. We have got positive response to the special gear and accessories imprinted with our brand logo that were available in our offices only. We, now, intend to unleash the products in the market openly.

Dated: 6th December, 2011

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