Marketing Research Document

A marketing research document is a piece of official paperwork where one records the observations about the market in question for the benefit of market analyzers who can then study the research and identify vantage points through which a company may choose to penetrate and exploit the market. It includes a close review of the various market trends, behavioral patterns of the buyers and supply demand ratio at play in the concerned service area.

Sample Marketing Research Document

Marketing Research Document

Prepared by: Jerome Ledger, Marketing Research Analyst

Name of the company: Sorome Televisions Private Limited

Product in question: Sorome HD LED TV sets

Product description:

Sorome HD LED TV sets are the latest models of television sets introduced by Sorome Televisions Private Limited with the intention of revolutionizing the whole television viewing experience of the modern man. The TV sets promise top quality sound and picture and are available in a host of sizes and shapes.

Target customers: New generation TV viewers.

Objective of marketing research:

The marketing research document aims to trace the status of the current television market so as to understand the scope and future the products launched may have when introduced in the market. The marketing research document is also expected to provide new insights to the strategic planners thereby aiding them in formulating strategies that would the best represent the product in question within the specified market.

Findings of Marketing Research:

  • The LED television sets are mostly in demand among the young professionals, that is the new age TV viewers, who choose to experience the best of television viewing by availing the latest features that promise the desired experience and do not shy away from shelling some extra buck to achieve that level of excellence.
  • The television sets that are the most in demand are the ones with the maximum special features packed in one compact moderate size that would endorse a perfect blend of style and quality.

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