Marketing Requirements Document

A marketing requirements document lays down the specific criteria and obligations that are to be met for matching with the requirements of the market at large. It has to be crafted logically by putting emphasis on the more necessary aspects of the marketing agenda that increase the acceptance of a product by a significant level. Product engineers rely heavily on this kind of document.

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Sample Marketing Requirements Document

Marketing Requirements Document

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Name of company: Hannah Montana Stationeries

Company address: 9, San Diego, US

Contact: 57304840

Product: Hannah Montana accessories, Version 2.0

Document prepared by: Lucy Phillip, Marketing Head

Document prepared on: 6th December, 2011

Market context: The two-dimensional version of the products was launched following the immense popularity of the TV series featuring this teenage icon. The concept was borrowed heavily from the designs and patterns shown in the soap that were later developed into day to day stationeries and accessories used by children.

Market condition: Highly stable

Target customers: The chief bracket of customers whom we target has not changed since our earlier target and is focused on school children, especially girls in the age of 5 to 9 years.

Strategic Requirements:

  • The products have to be made in bright and loud colors preferably in shades of pink, red and magenta to catch the fancy of young girls.
  • The material used for manufacturing the products should be synthetic and comprise of high-end plastic mainly so that the level of environmental harm does not exceed the minimum stipulated level.

Release Overview:

Time deadline: 9th August, 2011

Channel of release: Company’s standard outlets in UK, France, Germany

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