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A marketing document is a record of the functional elements that make up the marketing system of a profit-seeking organization. It may include the plans once adopted for promotion of a company or the ones that the company has been contemplating on. Thus the document should outline the marketing content in technical terms and the future implications of the strategies.

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Sample Marketing Document

Marketing Document

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Agency name: Carefree Marketing Enterprise

Date of establishment: 7th September, 2005

Creator of marketing document: Phillip Guard

Date of submission of document: 9th May, 2009

Aim of the document: This article is going to shed light on the marketing plans the company has up its sleeves as part of its strategy for 2010. The tentative methods have been compared to the past approaches to understand the marketing scheme better.

Strategy 1: The documents and emails sent to the clients have been deliberately designed to carry promotional information about the company and the scope of the company’s expansion. This has been proved a sound approach which the company wishes to continue using.

Strategy 2: Use of special offers has paved the way for seasonal increase in product sale. The company needs to think along this line for assurance of perennial sale.

Strategy 3: Business brochures need to be created very fashionably not just to attract attention of the clients but also to prove the company’s capacity to design product flyers.

Strategy 4: The Company is in talking terms with a couple of other marketing agencies to strike up partnership, which is a good measure in terms of exercising force.

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