Marketing Campaign Document

Marketing campaign document involves recording of a company’s marketing campaign strategies such that they remain available for the employee as a guideline during the execution of these plans. The chief objective of a marketing campaign document is to serve as a promotional tool for a certain product or service so as to increase its selling prospects which in turn would increase the profitability of the business in question.

Sample Marketing Campaign Document

Marketing Campaign Type: Online marketing campaign

Product in question: Yummy Cakes

Name of the Company: Bakes Confectionary Private Limited

Product Description:

Yummy Cakes are Bakes Confectionary Private Limited’s latest offering for the food lovers. It is a packaged cupcake series that has been launched as a tasty tiffin food and are distributed in the market in a range of flavors. The target customers of the product are identified to be students, young professionals and parents who would find it to be an affordable, tasty and healthy food that can be eaten anytime during recesses to keep one full and energized under grueling work schedule.

Online marketing campaign avenues:

F Blogs

F Social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google +

F Website portals

F SEO advertisements

F YouTube videos

Online marketing campaign strategies:

  • Posting graphically captivating advertisements on blogs whose visitors belong to the demographics similar to the customers targeted by the company.
  • Posting interactive advertisements on social networking websites as an attachment of relevant and related posts.
  • Advertisements and promotional videos may be shared on website portals that are browsed by the kind of audience targeted by the company as potential customers for the aforementioned product.
  • SEO advertisements may be introduced so as to attract the attention of people searching for such or related products thereby informing them about the concerned product and arousing their interest in it so that they may intend to check it out the next time they hit a store.
  • YouTube videos can serve as a powerful audio visual tool endorsing the product to the audience in a way convincing enough to make them want to try it out.

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