Marketing Briefing Document

A marketing briefing document is an article which documents the executive summary of the marketing functions and operations of a marketing agency or business. It provides a compact outlook of the entire marketing approach of the company to let the client company understand how it works and what its priorities are. Thus it should be written briefly in an intact form.

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Sample Marketing Briefing Document

Marketing Briefing Document

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Marketing Company: Los Angeles Marketers

Objective: To provide a simple view of the marketing standards and technicalities

Company overview: We have built a strong relationship with the upscale cosmetic companies of Los Angeles which works in favor of our company goodwill and recognition. It is our motto to take international marketing of a company to the highest level possible.

Executive Summary

Sale overview: Our service and sale has remained remarkably high with the market coverage of six products in tow in the last seven months.

Customer briefing: Our main palette of customers comprise of established middle aged women who are conscious of their beauty and status and strive for perfection not only in career but also in their personal lives.

Marketing highlight: Customers rely on our marketing because we rely on quality and that is a significant reason behind the enormous market we hold at the international level.

Marketing strategy: The success of our marketing is centered mainly on the fact that we conduct surveys among the various sections of the population before using the result to our advantage. We capitalize on the overall report and comments made by the customers to project its positive aspects on the main platform.

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