Marketing Audit Scope Document

Marketing audit scope is the process that reviews an organization’s marketing health, identifying the loopholes so as to chart the scope and direction of the company’s marketing activities. Marketing audit scope documents are the papers where an auditor records his or her findings for the benefit of the strategists who can then formulate future course of actions based on the marketing audit reports.

Sample Marketing Audit Scope Document

Marketing Audit Scope Document

Year: 2011

Prepared by: Neal Duhamel, Market Auditor

Supervised by: Katie Deline, Chief Marketing Auditor

Name of the company: Seewell Opticals Private Limited

Company description

Established in the year 1998, Seewell Opticals Private Limited has been one of the most preferred optical brands in the United States of America. The company is known for its quality products, cutting edge designs, reliability and safe hygienic products. The chief products of the company are spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses and other related eye gears. The company has earned its trust and brand name through years of quality and honest services. Recommended by most ophthalmologists for its safe useful products, the company has reached to unexpected heights of success today and has opened a chain of stores all around the United States.

Service Area studied: Boston

Scope of the marketing audit:

To understand the marketing strategies adopted by the company in the past year and evaluate their efficacy with regards to the ground realities of the Boston market.

Marketing strategy adopted in the year 2011

  • The target customers were identified to be students and young professionals who need to spend hours before the computer or laptop screen and work under unflattering lighting conditions.
  • Customer specific marketing plans were adopted wherein separate promotional campaigns were designed to reach out to specific demographics.
  • Extensive online marketing campaigns were launched along with the usual promotional projects.


  • The online campaigning program was an instant hit among the youngsters and achieved its goal of reaching out to the targeted audience.
  • The company saw a clean 35% increase in their sales in comparison to the previous year whose success can be attributed to the new marketing strategies adopted this year.

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