Market Research Document

A market research document is a written article comprising of the various issues studied and analyzed as part of a market research project. The primary motive of conducting a certain market research is to examine the various factors operating in a market and to investigate them thoroughly, to determine the nature, financial status, size, and other such parameters of the market. Hence, the document should be framed in a befitting manner to include all aspects that form a significant part of the research.

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Sample Market Research Document:

Market Research Document

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Name of the market: New Town Electronics Market, London

Title of Research Project: “Analysis of the growth of electronics market”

Term of research: June, 2011 – December, 2011

Research conducted by: British Council for Scientific Research and Study

Document prepared by: Robert Stanley

Chief Executive

British Council for Scientific Research and Study

Date of drafting of market research document: 6th January, 2012

Document approved by: Richard Martin


London College of Advanced Sciences

Date of approval of research document: 17th January, 2012

Significant features of the market research document:

  • This market research document emphasizes on the current market for electronic goods in London and the prevailing conditions there.
  • The rapid advancement of technology and scientific revolutions has paved the way for developments in the field of electronic gadgets; hence arises the need to assess the respective market.
  • The study of the nature of the market is an important pre-requisite for the preparation of the market research document.
  • The market research document keeps a clear record of all the significant factors that determine the market. The impacts of these parameters are also studied as part of the research.
  • The status of the market and other findings corresponding to the various parameters of research have been stated in the document, clearly and completely, and includes suggestions in required areas for further development of the market.

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