Market Analysis Document

Market analysis document is a textual record of a market analyst’s observations and findings about the various aspects of the market available for a certain product. The primary objective of a market analysis document is to study the market in question in order to track the latest market trends so as to device marketing strategies in a way that it would help the company draw maximum advantage from those trends.

Sample Market Analysis Document

Market Analysis Document

Prepared by: Victoria Radnor, Market Analyst

Date: July 1, 2012

Market area studied: Las Vegas

Name of the Company: Montessori Hotel

Product in question: Casino business

Target Customers:

®    Rich tourists who come to Las Vegas to have the time of their lives.

®    Business tycoons who intend to mix business with pleasure.

®    Heavyweight gamblers who come starry eyed to the fantasy land to try their luck.

®    Carefree spoilt youngsters out in a crazy trip looking for some easy money.

Market trends observed:

  • The casino business in the hotel seems to be at its peak during the Christmas season when the general mood is that of holidays and the people are in a carefree mood infused with the eat-and-be-merry partying spirit.
  • The casino business is intrinsically linked with the popular image of Las Vegas wherein the ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ tag helps people loosen up their rigid self and soak up the prevalent atmosphere.
  • Two distinct customer behaviors are recognized with regard to gambling addiction. One shows that customers who win big in their first few spells tend to get tempted to raise the stakes with the hope of winning large. The other shows customers who lose big in their first few spells generally get obsessed with the game spending more and more money with the hope of winning big at some point and making up for all the money lost.

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