Manufacturing Agreement Document

A manufacturing agreement is created by the manufacturer as a means of supplying products to a firm or business institution. This is a means through which manufacturers outsource their products to various companies. The manufacturing agreement requires the manufacturer to quote the best features of his product. The firm that will hire the manufacturer requires quotes from different manufacturing agreement document. After the negotiations are complete, the shipping and manufacturing is done by the manufacturer. This is a formal document and hence must be done carefully. There are various components in the manufacturing agreement document and must be constructed with care.

Sample Manufacturing Agreement Document:

Manufacturing Agreement Document

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Title of the document: Manufacturing Agreement document between Insignia Co. and Global Computers

Participants: Insignia Co. (referred to as A) and Global Computers (referred to as B)

Nature of Agreement: This document relates the contract between A and B where A requires computers and computer parts from B. The verbal contract is recorded here.

Time period for the validity of agreement: 6 months

Date of commencement of agreement: 24th August, 2011

Date of termination: 24th February, 2012

Things to Remember:

  • The computers need to be supplied periodically to the storehouse on Brooklyn, New York.
  • The payment will be made according to the supply via a demand draft.

The agreement must be signed by both the official parties for participation in the contract. There will be legal repercussions in case of any breach.

Signature of A: ____________

Signature of B: ____________

Signature of mediating official: ___________

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