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A management contract document is a document which legally entitles an enterprise to take up the professional operations of an agency in exchange of a handsome payment. This attempt is usually made by a relatively weak firm which confers its administrative and executive functions to a stronger organization to perform. Hence the document must clearly specify the managerial duties.

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Sample Management Contract Document

Management Contract Document

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Contract number: 547494

This management contract document legalizes an agreement made by J.J Consultancy (Party 1), represented by its supervisor, Jenney Jolie and Holly Services (Party 2), represented by its company leader, Timber Holly, on 8th May, 2011. The two parties have agreed to exchange management services for financial returns under certain stipulations.

Contact details of the parties

Party 1:

Address:  3, Middleton Row, Frank state, UK

Email id:

Party 2:

Address: 6, Long Towers, Cock State, UK

Email id:

Terms and conditions pertaining to the validation of the management contract

1. The validity of the contract will stretch till 2 years commencing from 5th June, 2011 and ending on 5th June, 2013.

2. Party 2 will have to submit a total amount of $5, 00,000 over the duration of 2 years by either cheque or cash.

3. The list of probable duties is given in the attached page for Party 1 to carry out. Any financial, physical or personnel loss faced by Party 2 during the contract period will make Party 1 answerable to the court.

4. Party 1 will have the liberty to exercise all its functions independently except finance.

Signatures: Jenney Jolie

Timber Holly

o:p><@� n<Г}�}>2. The fee charged for the entire maintenance service for a period of one year is $500 which has to be paid at the beginning of the contract, that is, on the first month of installation.

3. Extra charges will be made on the replacement of equipment parts after the expiry of the guarantee period which is 5th April, 2012.

4. Company will not take the responsibility of exchanging the product with a new one if it falls or breaks by manhandling.

Signature: Mandy Cruise

Rose Bench

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