Maintenance Contract Document

Maintenance contract document is one which clearly dictates the contract between an agency and its customer, making a promissory deal of providing maintenance services. It may be issued by private maintenance service-providing agencies too for a precise period of time. It should be formulated on the basis of the nature of product and the upkeep commitment it necessitates.

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Sample Maintenance Contract Document

Maintenance Contract Document

Download Free Maintenance Contract Document

Contract number: 69485

Date of registration: 12th October, 2011

This maintenance service contract is entered between Aqua Fresh and Mrs. Rose Bench, which makes the former agree to provide maintenance of the product purchased by the latter.

Product details:

Name of the product: Water purifier

Date of manufacture: 7th August, 2010

Model code: WP69675

Colour: White

Quantity: Two

Buyer’s details:

Residential address: 9, Free School Street, Cook Apartment, UK

Cell number: 5837449

Date of purchase: 8th October, 2011

Terms and conditions of the contract that are to be followed by the parties:

1. The agency representatives will be sent for the services on every alternate month. The period will commence from 5th December, 2011.

2. The fee charged for the entire maintenance service for a period of one year is $500 which has to be paid at the beginning of the contract, that is, on the first month of installation.

3. Extra charges will be made on the replacement of equipment parts after the expiry of the guarantee period which is 5th April, 2012.

4. Company will not take the responsibility of exchanging the product with a new one if it falls or breaks by manhandling.

Signature: Mandy Cruise

Rose Bench

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