Loan Document Format

Loan document is a legal piece of document which drafts the detail of any particular loan. This kind of document mainly contains terms and conditions by which a borrower and lender of the loan should abide by in order to avoid legal implications. Therefore, a loan document format should be framed with utmost precision by keeping all the important points highlighted.

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Sample Loan Document Format

Loan Document Format

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Title of the document _________________

Date of presenting the document _________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph is meant for certifying the details of the parties involved in the process of loan. It should cover name, address and other contact details. Even it should elucidate the purpose of borrowing the loan as well.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph should elaborate the terms and conditions involved in the particular loan process. These points should be written with clarity so that this important section is cleared to both the parties. On this paragraph one should also mention about the repayment method and provisions. This is considered to be one of the important parts of the entire document as this gives a clear picture on how the borrower should repay the loan amount along with interest. Essentially, this paragraph holds a great importance in the entire document hence it should be framed with utmost precision.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph should highlight the date of repayment and the amount that is to be paid with interest. It should also clearly depict the formulae based on which the amount calculation is being done.

Signature of Lender _____________

Signature of Borrower _________

Signature of Advocate _____________

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