Loan Contract Document

A loan contract document systematically characterizes the conditions on which a loan is issued by a financial organization to an agency. It is created by accounting for the obligations and commitments on part of the borrower as well as the lender that are legalised through the document. Hence its preparation necessitates a great deal of concentration and tact.

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Sample Loan Contract Document

Loan Contract Document

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Loan contract number: 4938393

Date of signing the document: 6th January, 2011.

This loan contract is made between The Mayo Finance Bank, herein referred to as the lender and Dude Hopkins Cars, herein referred to as the borrower, under the legal statutes of the Ukrainian Law.

The following are the technicalities regarding the concerned loan:

  • Specification: The bank has been requested to dispatch a loan amount of 5, 00,000 to financially enable the customer-agency to manufacture cars.
  • Nature of loan: Car loan
  • Time period of loan effect: 6th March, 2011 to 7th March, 2012
  • Payment type: Cheque

The borrower and lender have agreed to follow the following proviso:

  • The borrower will be liable to pay 4% interest on the total amount of loan borrowed plus a fixed portion of the principal amount.
  • The monthly instalments will have to be paid within the second week of every month and any delay will be slapped with additional charges.
  • The lender will issue a receipt to the borrower on payment of every instalment.
  • The borrower is allowed to end the contract before the stipulated time by reimbursing the whole loaned amount.

Signature: Jonson Mayo

Dude Hopkins

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