Loan Agreement Document

A loan agreement document is a contract signed between individuals or organizations, that states the terms and conditions of the loan, and the amount which is to be repaid with the interest, over a fixed term. This document is necessary to formalize loans between individuals, business houses, companies, between families and others. Facts should be accurate in the document.

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Sample Loan Agreement Document:

Loan Agreement Document

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This loan agreement document is made and effective this 7th day of June, 2011, by and between Mr. Duncan Hill of 42 A, Mansfield Park (herein referred to as ‘borrower’) and Mr. Tobias Thomson of 55 A, Mansfield Park (herein referred to as ‘lender’). Within thirty six months from today, the borrower borrows from the lender and the lender lends the borrower, a sum of $ 50,000.

Within thirty six months from today, the borrower shall repay the lender the principal amount, along with an interest of 8.25% per annum. If the borrower fails to pay the repayable amount within the stipulated time period, he or she has a pay a late fine of 1% which shall be charged every month, after the due date ends. For additional security purposes, the borrower gives the lender 10% of his housing estate as mortgage, which shall be released on the repayment of loan within stipulated time period.

This is to inform that adhering to the above terms and conditions, I Mr. Duncan Hill, the borrower, borrow a sum of $ 50,000 from Mr. Tobias Thomson, the lender. Any breach of contract in this regard will be persecuted.

LENDER                                                                                                         BORROWER

___________________                                                                  ____________________

(Authorized signature)                                                                         (Authorized signature)

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