License Contract Document

A license contract document is an official document serving as a tangible proof of issuing license to an individual/company for entitling it to some right. There are a number of stipulations pertaining to the holder and his skills that makes the contract work. Thus it must be created by conforming to the legal framework of the state.

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Sample License Contract Document

License Contract Document

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License code: NY64950

This contract has been given force by Festoon Motor Driving Company in the request of Mr. Ron Hat [Age: 25 years, contact number: 5385036] to issue a driving license on 6th September, 2011. The pursuer has to stick to the conditions laid out for him in order to be a valid holder of the license for the time period established via this document and to avoid legal hitches.

  • The license will stand valid for a fixed period which specifically starts from 8th October, 2011 and ends on 8th October, 2013. It has to be renewed through legal processing after the term.
  • The information provided by the pursuer will have to be duly attested and supported by the relevant documents notably age proof, residential proof, identity card and car license number.
  • The pursuer will have to give a written promise that he will be a responsible citizen while driving a motor vehicle. Accidents caused by negligence or lack of sincerity, drunken driving and rash driving will be duly punished.
  • The pursuer will have to agree that the company will not stand responsible in case the former is charged with any lawsuit.

Signatures: Sand Festoon

Ron Hat

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