Legal Release Document

The legal release document is an important document through which the legal liabilities between two parties are terminated. It is created for the purpose of releasing the concerned party of the certain rights that was originally bestowed on him or her. It must be signed by the releaser and it must be ensured that there is no breach of copyright entitlements for future projects. It is best to draft the legal release document by a lawyer and can be for business, medical and other professional purposes.

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Sample Legal Release Document:

Legal Release Document

Download Free Legal Release Document

Medical Records Release from Houston State Hospital

Patient’s Name: Aliana Monroe

Date of birth: 23/6/1990

Social Security Number:  09878-09-0911

Address: 45, Mulching Drive, Chicago

Telephone no: 555-6789

Health Institution: Houston State Hospital

Purpose of Legal Release Document:

Aliana Monroe, hereby, gives full permission for the release of her medical records from January 1996 to November, 2011 from the Houston State Hospital. This legal release document is being issued for the purpose of releasing Ms Monroe’s exclusive rights over her medical documents and thereby, allowing access to all her medical records.

Legal Notice:

To: Ryan Sheffield, Attorney of law

Please ensure that all the records pertaining to my medical history is released as per my wishes. This should include progress notes, laboratory test results, operative notes, x rays and diagnostic tests and any other related document that is present with my medical records.

I hereby declare full authority to the release of my medical records as mentioned above.

Signature of patient: ____________ (Aliana Monroe)

Date: 5th June, 2012

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