Legal Document Template

A legal document template is layouts used for drafting those documents which are framed maintain the nitty-gritty of laws. Such a document template should be constructed with utmost care so that no important points are skipped out.

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Sample Legal Document Template

Legal Document Template

Download Free Legal Document Template

Legal Notice for Violation of Traffic Rules

Document no: ________

This legal document is framed to notify the owner of vehicle number _____________ [mention the number of the vehicle as given by the authority of that state/county/or country] found to be violated the traffic rules on _____________ [dd/mm/yy mention the date on which the moving vehicle violated the traffic norms of the country] at ________ [mention the exact time] near ___________ [mention the name of the particular road or location where the vehicle have violated the traffic norms].

This is to bring in concern of the owner that a moving violation in the street can be harmful for the pedestrian as well as for the other vehicles in the road. According to the traffic laws of the state it is considered to be and offence and it falls under the traffic law _______________________ [mention the traffic law which is being violated by the vehicle owner].

Thereby, the traffic police of ______________ [mention the location of the traffic police station which is dealing the matter] is requesting the owner of the vehicle to report within 10days of receiving this letter. If this letter is avoided or not attended then the vehicle owner would be subjected to further legal implications.

Signature of the traffic control-Head ____________________

Date _______________

Place _________________

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