Legal Document Format

A legal document format depends upon the type of content one is drafting and laws of the country. Irrespective of its type, a legal document should always be prepared with utmost precision so that it could serve as evidence incase of any future need.

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Sample Legal Document Format

Legal Document Format

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Title of the document _______________

Legal document presented to _______________


First Paragraph: The first paragraph should start with certifying the petitioner and the respondent. This should state the names of both the parties along with their addresses and a brief statement about the complaints. Even at what date the document was served should be included in this paragraph only.

Second Paragraph: One should try to keep the entire document simple being specific and mentioning all the important points and the laws clear. This paragraph should mention the laws in details under which the complaints made by the petitioner would be dealt upon. It is very essential to draft all the laws carefully and with clarity so that it is clear to the court as well to both the parties involved. This paragraph should also include if there is any previous hearings from the court regarding this particular case. The element stated in second paragraph is essential for the courtroom proceeding and the declaration of actual judgment.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph should conclude the entire document and can state what processes that would be followed ahead. Even depending on the document it can state any declaration of judgment or verdict given by court.

Signature of the petitioner _________________

Signature of the respondent _____________

Signature of the advocate _________________

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