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A legal document assistant is one who is highly capable of filling up the legal papers and records as may be required in a company, business firm or in some other corporate sector, for official purposes. The document assistant helps to make complicated things and the legal terms and procedures easier to understand and thus conduct them smoothly. Legal documents are generally very specific and any single mistake can lead to massive legal consequences. Hence an assistant is required to keep such circumstances under control to comply with all legal requirements of the document.

You can Download the Free Legal Document Assistant customize it according to your needs and Print. Legal Document Assistant is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Legal Document Assistant:

Legal Document Assistant

Download Free Legal Document Assistant

This is to state that I, Fredrick John Rogers, of 27 years age and currently residing at 35, Lee Road, New York, will be working as a legal document assistant with the renowned real estate company, M/s Supreme Properties and Co., from the 16th day of June, 2010 to the 16th day of June, 2012 (tentatively so decided).

My job would include all duties and responsibilities of preparing and maintaining legal documents and keeping a track of each of them, carefully noting that all deadlines are met and procedures completed in time, to be produced in the court or higher authorities in perfect time and with complete and proper details. I have been promised an initial annual salary of $245000, which can be augmented later on, depending on my performance and contribution to the development of the company.

I promise to conduct my duties sincerely and be loyal to my job and the company, working as an efficient legal document assistant.

Thanking You

Fredrick John Rogers

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