Legal Divorce Document

Legal divorce document consists of all the clauses on the bases of which a husband and wife file for divorce. This document contains all the terms and condition regarding the settlement between both the parties. The document is prepared by an attorney under the guidance of the lawyers hired by husband and wife respectively. Any violation of the terms and conditions of divorce is contestable by any of the party, which would then be settled in court.

Sample Legal Divorce Document:

Legal divorce

Mr., Thomas Jeffery, the husband along with Mrs. Salina Jeffery agrees to file divorce under following terms and conditions.

Elemental matters:

  1. Husband and wife were married on 29th November 1988 at the city of Bradford, in u k. Both due to some tough circumstances agrees on giving divorce to each other.
  2. Husband agrees to the terms and conditions regarding the settlement of property demanded by wife.
  3. Wife under the guidance and council of her attorney demands an alimony of$40.000 from her husband.

Terms of custody:

Since the husband and wife do not have any child, no clause regarding the maintenance and support of child will be included in the legal document of divorce.


  • Husband will reside in the main residence of Bradford street, where as he is ready to give his 2nd house for the settlement of his wife.
  • Wife agrees to the settlement plan regarding the distribution of houses.

Personal property:

The following property would be equally divided between husband and wife:

Husband: the main consumer industry along with all the finances.

Wife: retail showroom along with all its expenses


It has been mutually agreed between the husband and wife that both will retain their own vehicles, which includes a car and bike in the name of husband and a car in the name of wife.

Attestation of husband and wife:


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